Welcome to Professor Jihan Kim's Research Group. 

We are a computational chemistry group at KAIST that focuses on solving some of today's most important energy and environmental related problems.  We aim to develop accurate and efficient models to create, in silico, materials that can be used for wide range of applications such as carbon capture, methane/hydrogen storage, and batteries.   Finally, we are not afraid to use concepts from many other disciplines (e.g. computer sciences, artificial intelligence, music, graphics) to develop unique solutions that can differentiate our group.  


Recent News 

5/2020:   Our recent collaborative work with Prof. Hee-Tae Jung on using deep learning to detect gas concentration levels near the LOD region has been covered by Chemical & Engineering News.   Congrats to Youhan Lee (이유한) and Sangwon Lee (이상원) who were part of this research.  

3/2020:   We welcome three new students (김홍희, 임윤성, 장희원) to our lab! 

2/2020:   We said fairwell to Seunghee Lee (이승희) who received her masters here and will now start her new position at Samsung Electronics.  Wish her the best!