Welcome to Professor Jihan Kim's Research Group. 

We are a computational chemistry group at KAIST that focuses on solving some of today's most important energy and environmental related problems.  We aim to develop accurate and efficient models to create, in silico, materials that can be used for wide range of applications such as carbon capture, methane/hydrogen storage, and batteries.   Finally, we are not afraid to use concepts from many other disciplines (e.g. computer sciences, artificial intelligence, music, graphics) to develop unique solutions that can differentiate our group.  


11/2018:   Hoeyeon was awarded the Best Poster Award at the 2018 KICHE Fall Meeting.  Great job!

9/2018:   Bonglim's paper "Ligand Insertion in MOF-74 as Effective Design for Oxidation of Ethane to Ethanol" has been accepted to Journal of Physical Chemistry C.    Congrats!

9/2018:  We welcome two new students to our group:  Lee Wonseok and Saad Aldin M. Ali.  Welcome to the group!!  

3/2018:  We welcome two new masters students to our group:  Lee Seunghee and Park Hyunsoo.  Welcome!!  

2/2018:  Congratulations to WooSeok as he is our lab's first PhD graduate.  WooSeok will be a postdoctoral researcher in University of Minnesota under Prof. Laura Gagliardi later this month

12/2017:  Sanghoon's paper "Text Mining Metal-Organic Framework Papers" has been accepted to the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.  Congratulations!

11/2017:  Congratulations to Bonglim and Sanghoon, who received awards for their excellent oral and poster presentations at the Fall 2017 KICHE meeting.    

10/2017:  Bonglim's paper "Size-Matching Ligand Insertion in MOF-74 for Enhanced CO2 Capture Under Humid Conditions" has been accepted to Journal of Physical Chemistry C.    Congrats!

09/2017:  Sangwon's paper "User-Friendly Graphics User Interface Software for Ideal Adsorbed Solution Theory Calculations" has been accepted to Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering.    Congratulations!
Our software is available for download here

08/2017:  Sanggyu's paper "Excavating Hidden Adsorption Sites in Metal-Organic Frameworks Using Rational Defect Engineering" has been accepted to Nature Communications.    Congrats!

07/2017:  Seokwon's paper "Computational Prediction of High Methane Storage Capacity in V-MOF-74" has been accepted to PCCP.    Congrats!

06/2017:  WooSeok's paper "Modeling Adsorption Properties of Structurally Deformed Metal Organic Frameworks Using Structure-Property Map" has been accepted to PNAS.  Congrats!

04/2017:  Dooam's paper "Understanding Gas Adsorption in MOF-5/Graphene Oxide Composite Material" has been accepted to PCCP.   Congratulations!

01/2017:  Ohmin and Sanghoon's paper "Computational Prediction of Hetero-interpenetrated Metal-Organic Frameworks" has been accepted to Chemical Communications.   Congratulations!